SAGE 2022 Conference Venue

The scientific sessions of SAGE 2022 will be held at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The Ateneo is a premiere private Higher Education and Research Institution in the country which regularly hosts international conferences, the Philippine Biology Olympiad, as well as biodiversity-related workshops and events. The Department of Biology hosting SAGE 2022 harbors the Biodiversity Research Laboratory specialized in integrative taxonomy and biogeography of freshwater arthropods and is a leading institution for biodiversity discovery from the Philippines and beyond. Further major research foci of the university include Emergency and Disaster Management, Sustainability, Nanotechnology, Local Culture, and Psychology.

The Ateneo campus is a calming green oasis in the bustling Metropolitan area where sometimes even bird-watching excursions are conducted and from where new insect species have been discovered already. The conference will be held at the brand new innovation hub called Areté. The entire campus is fenced and entrances are guarded by security personnel. The university houses a considerable pool of international exchange students.

The newly opened Philippine National Museum of Natural History as one of the cooperation partners can be visited during the conference.

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