Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations

Your presentation should be in .pptx or .pdf format. Time slots for regular talks will most likely be 20 mins (15+5), keynote speakers will have 30 mins (25+5) - depending on demand, we might need to adjust these times slightly, so please check here again in June/July. We will also provide this information by email to registered participants..

For Mac users: we would rather prefer if we could avoid switching between systems within a session, so please try to create a presentation that will run smoothly on a PC.

We will run parallel sessions with oral presentations throughout the meeting and in order to permit people to smoothly switch between sessions, we must request you not to exceed the time slot allocated to your presentation.

Please give us your presentation well in advance before the session you are presenting at. You may also send us your presentation before the conference, either by email to ((maximum size limit 40 MB), or alternatively you can upload it into a Dropbox folder. If you go for the latter option, please drop us an email and we will send you a link with an invitation to the SAGE 2022 folder.


Posters must be in portrait orientation and should not exceed A0 format (c. 84x119 cm). The official poster presentation will take place on the second or third day of the conference. Please put up your poster at the earliest possible time, so that SAGE delegates will have a chance to see the posters before the poster session during the lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday.

Just before the classical poster session, you will have the chance to highlight the core message of your poster in a 'Quickfire Poster Session'. Please prepare a single Powerpoint slide for presentation in one minute or less - please see above for Powerpoint compatibility issues. We will combine all slides into one presentation, please send us your slide (maximum size limit 5 MB) before the meeting by email to

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