Abstract Submission

General information

All abstracts must be submitted until 31st May 2022. Each abstract will be reviewed by the conference committee and/or symposium organizers and accepted if it is judged to meet good scientific standards. There is no limit on the number of abstracts that an individual author can submit, but the organizers retain the right to reduce the number of oral presentations per delegate in case the conference is oversubscribed. Abstracts can either be submitted for consideration in one of the SAGE 2022 symposia (see below and program page for details) or for one of the thematically open sessions. Please see the Presentation Guidelines page for details on how to set up your presentation (NP: depending on the number of abstracts submitted, the length limit for talks might be adjusted (plus/minus 5 mins max.) please make sure you check this page again when the conference draws closer (late June/early July).

Abstracts from participants that have paid the student conference fee will automatically be considered for the student presentation awards unless indicated otherwise

Please note that your abstract will not be included in the SAGE 2022 abstract book if you have not completed your registration by paying the conference fee!

Abstract guidelines

All abstracts must be written in English. Please use the word template when preparing your abstract.

Its length must not exceed one page including title, authors, affiliations and abstract text (exceptions can be made if there are more than four co-authors and consequently less space for the abstract text).

Please do not include figures, tables or references in your abstract!

Name your abstract file like this SAGE2022_oral_family name of first author for a talk and like this SAGE2022_poster_family name of first author for a poster.

Download the template here.

Abstract guidelines (use only if the template does not work on your computer):

- Font Arial, page size A5, margins 2cm (top, bottom, right), 2.5cm (left), single line spacing.
- Title 11 pt, centered, no general capitalization, followed by blank line.
- Authors 11 pt, centered (format: first name, surname), followed by blank line.
- Underline presenting author if not the first author.
- Affiliations 10 pt, centered, followed by blank line.
- Main text: 11 pt, justified.

Please adhere strictly to these guidelines, abstracts that do not fit the specifications will be returned without further consideration.

Abstract submission

Please submit your abstract by e-mail to this address abstracts@sage2022.org). Abstracts can be submitted for open sessions as well as for one of the SAGE 2022 symposia or workshops. The subject line should contain the name of the presenting author AND the title keyword(s) for the symposium/workshop if applicable (see below for a list of symposia, keywords are highlighted in bold type).

- Natural History Stories

- Biodiversity and Ecology of Peat Swamp Forests and Freshwater Swamps

- Overcoming the ‘dark taxa’ challenge: Species discovery 3.0

- Lepidoptera diversity and evolution in Southeast-Asian - new insights and old challenges

- SE Asian aquatic and riparian insects

Please use "open" as a keyword if your presentation does not fit any of the symposia.

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